Empowering China’s Energy Transformation

Hanas develops clean and renewable energies to reduce China’s overwhelming reliance on heavily polluting traditional energies, thus contributing to a more balanced and optimized energy mix...
Picture: Hanas Yinchuan LNG Plant
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Hanas Invests in the Future

Hanas has bold visions for the future, exponentially developing clean and new energies, helping to improve air quality and create a healthier living and working environment.
Picture: Hanas wind farm
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Sky is the limit

Wind energy and solar energy are a powerful and limitless gift from the nature. A leader in China’s renewable energies, Hanas is harnessing the elements of...
Picture: Hanas develops green energy
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Win-Win Partnership

Partnering with Chinese governments, financial institutions and technology giants, Hanas stands high and looks afar, guaranteeing operation safety, efficiency, resource optimization and project profitability.
Picture: Hanas Shanghai regional office located in Lujiazui
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Stronger Together

Hanas embraces employees from all races, creeds and origins and gives them equal opportunity. This diversity makes who we are as proud Hanas people, China’s leading...
Picture: Hanas people
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In Harmony with the Nature

Working with engineering and technology giants from both home and abroad, Hanas designs, constructs and operates environmentally friendly energy plants, terminals and pipelines, incorporating latest technologies...
Picture: Hanas adheres to its green development ideal
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