Sustainability / Hanas Philosophy

Hanas Philosophy

Promoting China’s energy transformation

As a provider of multiple energy solutions, Hanas will continue to further expand into:

  • natural gas and natural gas derivative products
  • production and application of LNG
  • wind power
  • solar thermal power generation
  • biofuels
  • other new energy sources

One of the important pillars of the Hanas Group’s development strategy is our strong sense of corporate responsibility and environmental awareness. The sustainable utilization of resources and ecosystem survival are critical for the development of society.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring energy security Hanas is committed to exploring and investing in two main areas:

  • the development of renewable energy sources
  • clean energy management for customers and operations

Through integrating new market trends into a business strategy, and continually improving existing products and services, Hanas actively creates value for local communities while facilitating China’s energy transformation.

The Triple Bottom Line

Hanas pledges to upload the “triple bottom line” in all business activities:

  • to improve the life quality of customers
  • to reduce negative environmental and social impact
  • to increase the market share of companies with sustainability thinking

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