Work-Life Balance
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Work-Life Balance

At Hanas, we are committed to achieving a reasonable balance between work and family life and to being a company with appropriate human resources policies and management, as well as an appealing extra-curricular program of activities, training and fun.

Flexible Work Schedule at Hanas

At Hanas, many employees enjoy flexibility with their work hours, and are able choose work hours within the policy and regulation framework.

Hanas offers a great deal of technical support (including laptops and teleconferencing systems), to help employees get the right balance between work and home.

Clubs and Activities for Families

Hanas has the benefit of a number of staff clubs, where employees can enjoy regular activities such as; training, outings, birthday parties, games, competitions and fitness.

Hanas also tries to include employees’ families in all these activities. This helps our employees’ families to better understand Hanas, and for the company to express appreciation of their support.

Exchange-Learning Meetings

Hanas has developed a special way of learning: exchange-learning meetings.

Because of tight work schedules and a flexible work policy, lunch times are an opportunity to communicate and learn.

A broad program is offered including the latest business briefings and updates on ongoing projects, celebrating milestones and exchanging ideas.

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