Growth and Flexibility
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Growth and Flexibility

Flexibility in work, work-life balance, training and exchange of ideas, diversity and inclusiveness – the Hanas corporate culture gives all staff a ‘stage’ to showcase their talents and challenge themselves.

Your future is the future of Hanas. We are convinced that a good enterprise should provide a good environment for their employees to realise their potential.

Hanas offers internal cross-sector job mobility for outstanding employees to realize personal development, so that each employee has the opportunity to participate in new tasks and challenge him/herself in different fields. At Hanas, we believe that work is a large part of your life; we know that your time is valuable and we want to agree on the right path for you.

To attract and motivate talented people, Hanas ensures that wages and benefits are competitive; and reward employees for good performance.

As the Hanas portfolio is diverse, engaged in international markets and with partners all around the world, Hanas provides a broad platform for your career success.

Talent Development Strategy

Hanas sees the personal growth and advancement of its employees as fundamental to its success. The company provides a tailored individual development plan for each staff member; including training, performance reviews and a career path. Hanas management listens to you and provides role-models to guide you.

Team work is a quality that distinguishes Hanas and we want to provide all employees with the platform to participate in teams, on projects and collaborations internally and with our stakeholders.

No matter what your profession or job at Hanas, you will have clear and achievable career prospects.

The company provide formal training, and also offer guidance for your future development through:

  • excellent personal development planning
  • external study
  • in-service training programs
  • participation on committees and in teams
  • mentoring
  • exchange-learning meetings

Training and Further Education

The pursuit of excellence requires further training, some of the areas we focus on include:

  • health and safety
  • environment
  • business operations
  • academic presentations and discussions
  • customer service

At Hanas, we know what we are good at and we know how we can do better.

The safety of our employees is paramount. Training in these and other areas is a key factor to our success.

Superior performance not only is beneficial to Hanas, but also exerts a very positive impact on our partners, suppliers and society.

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