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Natural Gas

As China and the world aim to reduce the reliance on heavily polluting coal, and seek a future driven by cleaner, more efficient energy sources – natural gas/liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a vital solution to the future energy mix of China.

Crucially, natural gas/LNG emits less carbon and other particulates than coal, leading to improved air quality and a healthier living and working environment.

Gas is abundant and flexible. It provides affordable energy for industrial processes, transportation, commercial and residential customers. Liquefied Natural Gas is produced by cooling natural gas to approximately -162°C. This chilling of the natural gas reduces the volume by 600 times and allows for safe and economically attractive transportation of LNG.

China is currently the largest and fastest growing market for natural gas in Asia Pacific. Gas/LNG constitutes around 6% of China’s energy mix today, and this is forecast to grow to 10% by 2020, driven both by increased demand and favorable governmental policies.

Hanas recognizes the exponential growth potential of natural gas globally, and especially in China, and is proud to be developing and delivering world-class natural gas solutions, covering the full industry chain of the upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

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