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Natural gas is a high-quality, efficient, clean and low-carbon energy. It is abundant and flexible, widely used in power generation, city gas, industrial fuel, chemicals and transportation. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is produced by cooling natural gas to approximately -162°C. This chilling of the natural gas reduces the volume by over 600 times and allows for safe, flexible and economically attractive storage and transportation of LNG to areas uncovered by natural gas pipeline networks.

Like many countries worldwide, China is now making relentless efforts to speed up the global green and low-carbon drive and the development of clean energy. It is currently the largest and fastest growing market for natural gas in Asia Pacific. As China speeds up the natural gas industry to increase the ratio of natural gas in the structure of its primary energy consumption, coupled with the country’s accelerated urbanization pace and the steadfast reform in its oil and gas mechanism, the natural gas industry has ushered in an exciting period of development.

The Hanas business strategy is designed to integrate new market trends across the entire industry chain of natural gas worldwide. Our energy company in Singapore keeps expanding our outreach in the global energy trading markets and seeking investment opportunities, with an aim to achieve an annual trade volume of 6 million tons of LNG in future. During the 13th Five Year period (2016-2020), we will launch several large LNG projects across China, including three import LNG terminals in Putian, Zhuhai and Jiangyin and four LNG factories in the inland. Among them three have already been listed in the National 13th Five Year Plan. In future, our total annual production capacity of LNG will exceed 28 million tons. We now own and operate China’s largest and most modern onshore LNG plant with an annual capacity of 1 million tons, and has built up a nationwide LNG distribution and logistics network. Meanwhile we operate 53 LNG filling stations covering 15 provinces and autonomous regions including Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hebei, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Henan and Shanxi.

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