Hanas is a modern Chinese enterprise with a strategic focus on clean and renewable energy, it is our mission is to enable a environmentally cleaner future for all while transforming the energy mix in China. Hants was established in 2003 in the North Western Chinese province of Ningxia and has been growing rapidly. Today Hanas has a nationwide presence and is starting to expand internationally with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Hanas has interests in and is investing further  in the development of multiple energy solutions – covering natural gas, LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), wind power, solar-thermal, distributed energy, city gas and heating as all as the enabling infrastructure such as ports, pipelines and re-gasification and liquefaction plants

Given the strategic nature of the industry, we work closely with governments (at city, provincial and central levels) and technology partners to introduce new technology and processes that is at the forefront of the transformation of China’s energy industry.

At Hanas we promote clean and efficient energies to replace heavily polluting conventional energies, and greatly reducing air pollution, contributing to the clean air and environment protection and improving people’s livelihood. Our pledge is to uphold the “triple bottom line”: to improve the life quality of the Chinese people; to reduce negative environmental and social impact; and to increase the market share of companies with sustainable thinking.

As a 21st century new energy enterprise in China, Hanas not only benefits from a rich understanding of global trends and expertise across national markets, but also prides itself on upholding international best practices, regulations and safety standards.

Hanas has a vision of being a global leader in New and Renewable energy.

Chongqing Oil and Gas Trading Center is Founded and Hanas Group Attends the Ceremony as a Stockholder