Sustainable Development in China
Sustainability / Sustainable Development in China

Sustainable Development in China

Local development. Global significance

In the era of globalization, future development faces a bottleneck because of population growth and economic demands.

China’s development experience is of global significance. Hanas is acting upon the belief that China can play a central role in dealing with all kinds of environmental challenges.

Within China and other areas of the world, sustainable development is the inevitable choice to bring civilization into a new era.


Sustainable development

China has put forward a number of new concepts related to sustainable development, including:

  • new industrialization
  • energy conservation
  • emissions reduction
  • green economy
  • circular economy
  • low-carbon economy
  • strategic emerging industries
  • resource-saving, environmentally-friendly society

Many of these concepts are compatible, and China is committed to coordinating these ideas with:

  • green development strategies
  • a road map
  • incentives
  • institutional arrangements
  • demonstration projects in green investment
  • green innovation

China is giving priority to strategic tasks such as low-carbon energy transformation.


The responsible path

With this consciousness about the future, Hanas is aligned to China’s policies and strategy and we are producing energy in a responsible way.

At the same time, Hanas is changing traditional patterns of use, to facilitate China’s energy transformation and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between humans and nature.

Hanas Group CEO Mr. Xu Changning led a visit to Goldwind