Message from the Chairman
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Message from the Chairman

Hanas is proud to be investing in clean and renewable energies. We are developing multiple energy solutions – covering natural gas/LNG, wind power, solar-thermal, distributed energy, city gas and heating.

We work closely with governments and top level partners to empower the transformation of China’s energy structure – using clean and efficient energies to replace heavily polluting conventional energies, and greatly reducing the air pollution, contributing to the clean air and environment protection and improving people’s livelihood.

Our pledge is to uphold the “triple bottom line”: to improve the life quality of the Chinese people; to reduce negative environmental and social impact; and to increase the market share of companies with sustainable thinking.

As a 21st century new energy enterprise in China, Hanas not only benefits from a rich understanding of global trends and expertise across national markets, but also prides itself on upholding international best practices, regulations and safety standards. Since our establishment in 2003 in Ningxia, we have been growing strong foundations nationwide, and has risen as a leader in China’s green energy sector.

The Hanas business strategy is designed to integrate new market trends across the entire value chain. With ambitious new operational Hanas projects (at strategic locations) across China and ever expanding and strengthened nationwide network, the next decade promises to be an exciting period across our various business units:

We are constructing three import LNG receiving terminals along China’s Southeast coastline, which will finally grow into an incubator for a several hundred billion LNG business spread over the entire industry chain in the Southeast and Yangtze valley. Meanwhile we are constructing over 300KM natural gas pipeline to deliver Ordos natural gas to Ningxia, and will be building a large 5MTPA LNG plant using the pipeline transported natural gas from Ordos.

Hanas is investing heavily in renewable energies: we currently have over 1GW wind projects in Northwest China and continue to expand towards an installed capacity of 2GW in the coming five years, alongside our new 300MW wind farm and 200MW solar farm in Yanchi, Ningxia.

Hanas has bold visions for the future, lighting the way to a positive future for Hanas and our investment partners.

Hanas is ready to empower China’s energy transformation. We welcome you to join us.

Ma Fuqiang, The Chairman of the Board of Hanas Group

Huaxia Bank delegation to Hanas