Hanas Energy Development Company Wins National Logistics and Transportation Award

Hanas Energy Development Company Wins National Logistics and Transportation Award

August 21, 2017, Yinchuan — Ningxia Hanas Energy Development Co., Ltd. has garnered the coveted title of “China’s Top 100 Integrated Logistics and Transportation Service Providers for Dangerous Goods” for its strict and scientific management, service excellence and extensive logistics network, at the 7th China Energy Logistics Industry Conference held in Urumqi recently.

Hanas Group CEO Xu Changning said: “This honor given to Hanas reflects the recognition by China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA) and industry experts of Hanas Group’s overall strength. It also displays Hanas logistics and transportation team’s scientific management that is strict and standardized, its service excellence and respectable corporate image.”

The 7th China Energy Logistics Industry Conference was held in Urumqi, capital city of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region, on August 18, 2017. Approved by National Development and Reform Commission and organized by CCTA, the conference was attended by approximately 300 experts and professionals from China’s energy, transportation, logistics and logistics technology and equipment industries, who assembled to call for a sped-up supply side structural reform in China’s energy and dangerous goods distribution sector, and exchanged views on constructing a modern logistics system that is intensive, efficient, safe and green.

The transport of hazardous materials is quite special in the logistics transportation industry and has become high concern of the whole society. Ningxia Hanas Energy Development Co., Ltd., as one of the ” China’s Top 100 Integrated Logistics and Transportation Service Providers for Dangerous Goods”, adopts the world’s advanced transportation management system (HDS), which enables the company to have intelligent, visible and real time scheduling and monitoring of the vehicles. Leveraging this technology as well as its powerful operation capabilities while relying on the strong Hanas Group platform and brand advantage and integrating resources of neighboring transportation companies (more than 100 transportation fleets working on cooperation contracts), the company has built up a complete international level logistics and transportation system for the LNG industry, which has received unanimous recognition and praise from key stakeholders.

Hei Zhanwu, deputy general manager of Ningxia Hanas Energy Development Co., Ltd., said the company will cherish the honor and will remain low key and prudent and will further strengthen the logistics management in a strict, detail-oriented and measurable way and will refine the integrated service standard and process. While striving to remain a pacesetter of the industry, the company will foster strong cooperation with its partners to further improve and optimize the supply chain, jointly create a more comprehensive and extensive logistics network and speed up its nationwide expansion providing safer, better, faster and easier services.


Hanas Group

Hanas invests in clean and renewable energy, developing multiple energy solutions covering natural gas/LNG, wind power, solar power, gas thermal power, distributed energy, city gas and city heating, pipeline and engineering management.

Hanas is committed to empowering the transformation in China’s energy structure – using clean and efficient energy to replace heavily polluting conventional energy, and greatly reducing the air pollution, contributing to the clean air and environment protection and improving people’s livelihood. The company pledges to uphold the “triple bottom line”: to improve the life quality of the Chinese people; to reduce negative environmental and social impact; and to increase the market share of companies with sustainable thinking.

As a 21st century energy enterprise in China, Hanas not only benefits from a rich understanding of global trends and expertise across national markets, but also prides itself on upholding international best practices, regulations and safety standards. Since its establishment in 2003 in Ningxia, Hanas has been growing strong foundations nationwide, and has risen as a leader in China’s clean and renewable energy sector with branches in Yinchuan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and a number of key cities across China.


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