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Hanas Gas is the largest city gas operator in West China, with its business covering infrastructure development and construction, city gas operation for both residential and commercial/industrial use, city gas heating supply.

We keep adjusting our business strategy and service to cater to customer needs. After repeated testing and verification, we now offer cost-effective and reliable gas technology consultation, engineering design, overall construction and installation and post-installation service. By end of 2016, we had developed 2,800 kilometers of high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure gas pipelines, serving half a million households and 3,200 commercial and industrial users with safe, clean and highly efficient natural gas. Meanwhile we operate 108 heating supply centers. These heating centers and our East Thermal Power Plant and West Thermal Power Plant combined, provide heating to 50 million square meters in Yinchuan, representing one third of the total heated space in the city.

A pioneer in the city gas industry, Hanas is fully committed to protecting the environment, enhancing the air quality and improving people’s livelihood through implementing its clean energy strategy and transforming the energy structure of the communities we serve. In future, we continue to seek environmentally friendly energy solutions, provide safe, clean and highly efficient energies, thus empowering China’s energy transformation.

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